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Alpha-Tech Designs was founded by an experienced design team, to offer Architectural services, from Concept Design  to finished product and to develop and market new types of High Yield Rental Property and Mass housing, For low and medium incomes. 

We specialize in:

  • Approved House Plans
  • Residential and Commercial Architectural services- 
  • We offer Architectural services for Residential and Commercial Buildings, eg:
  • Town Houses, Schools, Churches, Rapid Building Systems, Estates.
We offer you  7 in 1 One Price:
  • Free Consultation,
  • Site Investigation,
  • Preliminary Sketches,
  • House Plan Design,
  • Municipal Approval,
  • Costing,
  • Selection Of Competent builder.
Alpha-Tech Designs  also provide Supervision and Project Management @ Reasonable Fees, to make sure the builders do the right thing and build according to the House Plan.-make your Dream House real.
Your Dream House in Good hands - Approved house plans beautifully drawn